This is a small selection of work I have completed over the past couple of years consiting of anything from work to personal/school projects. Take a look at what I have put my head down into.

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Library of Standards

empathee 2018

The Library of Standards a component of the empathee platform built with React.js, Koa.js/Node, & MongoDB. With a library for coaching employees with relevant content to help improve the patient experience, empathee is a patient focused digital surveying tool.

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Stub Boxoffice

Private 2019

Stub Boxoffice is a reseller marketplace for ticketed events. Rebuilt on Express.js/Node, MySQL, and the TicketNetwork SOAP api. Improved page loads from 4-5 seconds with PHP to ~1 second with Node.js. Service served & cached through NGiNX acting as a reverse proxy.

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C Webserver

NJIT CS288 2017

An implementation of a simple HTTP webserver. The webserver can successfully respond to page requests initiated from a web browser along with the appropriate HTTP status code. With this project I gained a deeper understanding of: how to handle network connections in Linux/C, the client-server model, the HTTP protocol.

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Athletix - United Kingdom

Athletix 2019

A seperate ecommerce site built on Wordpress for the launch of Athletix in the United Kingdom. Themed Woocommerce templates to match designs of the Home, Shop, About, CBD Oil, & Contact Pages. Athletix is a Broad Spectrum CBD Oil For Athletes.

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Corsair Construction

Corsair Construction 2019

Built portfolio site based on Wordpress for Corsair Construction LLC. I had full creative control on this site from site design to development. (About page & other styles have been updated after my final push. Site layout might break on mobile.)